Where to go from here

I am always switching and changing my ideas, and having loads of them running through my mind at once or at least in close succession. I need to settle down and get a grip, or should I just blog it all. There are all sorts of things going on at home, and I keep thinking my better half should blog about her life, that is much more in keeping with our readership than mine.

Then I keep changing the categories on the blog, and deleting and starting new things again, but perhaps I should just delete the whole thing and start again. It will stop all the foreign followers, whom, are probably looking at it as an internet marketing venture rather than following for its editorial content. I could also move the hosting, as i think I am reaching my maximum limit for disk space. I have another account where I get unlimited hosting so would be interesting to have a go and move the blog over.

Then there is the Code Club, quite keen to get involved, am in to the Pi, and learning Python, and Linux slowly.  This would mean taking an afternoon off to hold one at a local school, so that leads on nicely to my longer term aim to become financially independent or at least be able to work from home. Then, the cycling, then the business venture, then, then, then…

So hang loose and stay cool

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