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Eventually I have now made a commitment to myself that I will blog regularly about the 2 or 3 areas of my life I love and feel I may be able to add value to others in similar situations. Those areas, seem to be an ever growing range of kids! 6 – 16 (that’s age range, not number of!).  A love of computer science – Raspberry Pi! Cycling and keeping fit and transport – Giant defy 4 Bike!

Interestingly, I was reading the front page of our website and realise how we have changed, the scootering is still performed by our 13 yr, although the desire is waining a bit. The geocaching does get difficult.  Without a car, having done all the local ones, and with all the kids vying for a go, it gets very hectic, so we tend to just do them every now and then, if we go somewhere new and accessible to caches!

I have created a page for sportive cycle training, and hope to show you my progress on this front over the coming years. I will give you all the back ground on this part of my life later.

To try and combine two loves, my kids development and computing, the raspberry Pi was invented! So i hope to show you wonderful things on this at my Raspberry Pi for kids page.  Where I try to explain the really simple things that sometimes are missed in tutorials on YouTube!
RaspberryPi computing

So hopefully this will keep me busy, and may help a few folk with information on some such things. I do find I can find difficult problems and then simple solutions to them so perhaps the way I  see things will help others too.

So, we are up and running now with my first fully committed blog. I will post 2-4 times a week on various subjects and try and build authority on the subjects I am most interested in. So please visit us again and again, leave comments (good or bad) and watch how the whole site develops over the next 30 years!!

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