The world didnt stand still

OK, rewind to 1984ish. The new computer age is upon us. The new Home PC is emerging out of the wood work.

Computers had been around for years, but normally in a back room somewhere, sand  I do mean “a back room” they filled it! Then some few good men, decided to make some money and built a smaller desktop computer for the home! In fact some people built even smaller ones for the home, such as Spectrum and Amstrad and the BBC!  Then others developed and developed the computers that were out there, making the bigger ones smaller and smaller and the smaller ones smaller and smaller. Until, we had Desktops that would run whole power stations and phones that would fly aircraft! The skills and brain power developed and people thought of loads of things to do with computers and nearly every conceivable idea has been covered!! Hasn’t it?

And now, we have chips doing the work of computers, people fluent in C++ Linux; DOS seems to have died out.

So load up 2013. Along comes this wonderful new machine, a Raspberry Pi, designed on the back of falling numbers of falling able students into computer science degrees at Cambridge University no less. So they build a little computer with more power than a 15 year old computer, so kids can tinker around with it and not really cause costly damage.

Enter Paunjulia, well actually enter Paul. Whilst always having a fascination with computing and programming, I never to it to any level. So in 1984 i had the BBC B and I could program it abit , to do a pretty colourful thing with triangles and to print out a shopping list, and save it to a cassette tape, (OK kids, you’ll have to google that), BUT everyone else back  then was in the same boat!

Calculate the follow:

Raspberry Pi +2013 / computer know how * wpk  =  “Advancement of personal computer world”

(Where wpk = What people know now)

The raspberry Pi arrives and we start playing with it, but that’s just it! We are just playing, people are sending this into space  others are designing full operating systems for it and then working out wonderful new ways to protect it.  Here I am, still struggling to switch it on and power it up!!

So keep watching it maybe fun

Oh Dillon actually got it sorted for us in the end 

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