Just realised why we get poor traffic. Even I fell asleep reading some of these posts. The great thing is that I can delete in a few months and no one will know!! Like they say ” If at first you don’t succeed… Destroy all evidence of trying. Ok, so lets try and brighten this […]

April Showers..

Well it seems to be raining here, we’ve been growing as a team nicely over the last few months. People joining up have been most welcomed. I keep meaning to post, my diary of exciting doings for the team and our business, but wonder if any one is interested in reading it. So I left […]

March ing on

Well the new catalogues are flying out, the orders are pouring in, we’ll have to order some stock in a week, we’ll be able to buy in some nice display cases and a few extra points of sale, like price stars and signage.   Well this is just a quickie, I’ve got to go thru […]