Learning new things

Ok, so I’m the wrong side of 50! Actually its probably the right side of 50, I can now test myself harder and with more resolve to actually achieving things. Like Computer programming for instance. I have set myself a couple of goals for this now. Learn Linux command line Learn Python Program Language Run […]

Chapter One

A question. Ok, well let me come back to that. I have many questions, although the important one I want to ask is the one I was thinking of at that point. I will write it down so that later I wont have forgotten it, although I may forget where I put the paper I […]


It’s so difficult blogging all the time to all the world. Perhaps I should just blog to part of the world. So which part should I blog to then?

Where to go from here

I am always switching and changing my ideas, and having loads of them running through my mind at once or at least in close succession. I need to settle down and get a grip, or should I just blog it all. There are all sorts of things going on at home, and I keep thinking my […]