See its like this

I just feel like I should try and concentrate on one or three areas of my blogging. I try to be a jack of all trades, but end up being master of nothing. Even now I have to consider how many words should I write and what should I say, which reminds me of the […]

So, Ebay

Does it pay? I have this page on show. They are fabulously priced scooter bearings and will be great value to all those kids out there on boards and scooters.

Voice over Courses

OK, I have been studying the Gravy For The Brain, voice over course for beginners. I did this as an insight to the work, I fell into the trap of people telling me I had a nice voice and wondered if I could capitalise on it. I’m not looking to be a full time artist, […]

Car Insurance then..

So, we all have to have car insurance don’t we.  Us oldens have been around the block a few times too, so we have experienced the benefits of car insurance as well as the costs! But how things have changed. We have just had a little ding! It is very little, in fact if you […]