Tassimo Coffee machine

Whoopee, Christmas has come and gone. And…..

The present this year was a Tassimo Coffee machine of the T20 variety. So entry level machine, but then you have to be careful what you give a coffee snob! With the lovely silver espresso machine taking pride of place in the kitchen, the amateur Barista isn’t going to waste time with a plug and play Tassimo are they?

Well, this one is for the bedroom, so a quick pop a pod in and press go, leads to a 20 second wait for a great cup of coffee. Where there is no mess, no residual washing up to do, and no time to waste.

Tassimo T20
For a great cup of coffee press go


Well, having had this since Christmas I can now give you a reasonable review on its abilities. The machine is very compact, and extremely easy to use. Even putting the discs into it is made easy.

After carefully filling the water tank up, it slips in place smoothly. The On/Off switch is pressed and within 2-4 seconds its ready for action. Open up the top cover and gently place the “T- Disc” ( the thing that the drink comes in) it is very easily placed in correctly. Close the lid down, and press the big round button. Then repeat the operation, but this time remember to put a cup on the stand!! Anyway, you will soon find out your favourites and will be able to source them confidently. This was a little draw back, the supermarkets seem to only stock a few lines, whether this is a Kraft thing ( Owners of the drinks) or if it is just a question of economics, I’m not sure. Tassimo sell the drinks but there is a minimum spend to get the free postage, which is equivalent to another pack of the drinks anyway.

So, have a great time, I’m sure this will be covered more and more as time goes on, in fact I already have another blog on this ready in my mind, so all being well we will meet back here in a little while.



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