Sportive Training plan

So, here we are, a week on, and now i must put my cycling plan into action.

I have opted to follow the following scheme, purely cos its the only one I found relatively easily on the net. Until i start getting into this and understanding, spinning and hills and intervals etc., it will mean nothing to me. My first challenge is to work out my cadence! Which I think is how many times I spin the pedals in a minute! So any way off I go to my cycle training plan


Ok, so it says set a goal : Complete a 50 odd mile sportive before the end of 2014.

Set targets along the way : Week 4 to do a 2 hour cycle ride on Saturday of week 4

Then a few bits and pieces that don’t really mean too much, I will take a bottle of water, and possibly a small bag of sugary sweets, I’m going to be no more than 2 miles from base as I do circular routes, but i will get some inner tubes and a small set of tools, – the Aldi offer didn’t seem to fit the nuts on my wheels !! I must try and take a wheel off too, to make sure I can do it on the side of a road.

So, looking at the plan, i rest on Monday, which is a bonus!! Then gym work on Tuesday ! Slight problem, no gym membership, and this is going to be done on a budget, so perhaps i will do a work out at home. Stretching etc.  Low intensity turbo training, i’m guessing that is done indoors, but I will be out on the bike for 30 mins doing a concentrated cycle rider around town.  So the cross training is something without a bikE!! I may have to jog that bit then !. Then a 45 minute ride over the weekend, I will dig out a route locally and see how that goes.

So all in all week one is looking good, although we still have to commit to doing it and make time etc, so will report back later in the week.



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