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I just feel like I should try and concentrate on one or three areas of my blogging. I try to be a jack of all trades, but end up being master of nothing. Even now I have to consider how many words should I write and what should I say, which reminds me of the  site I got involved with a couple of years ago. Part of the training was to just type whatever and not to think about what you said, but to go back to it tomorrow and edit it. So  I could do that just now. Then tomorrow I would edit and post this, but will it still be dribble tomorrow as it is today?

Then there is the “Lazy mans guide to riches” A great book I read many years ago, and to which I have become re-acquainted recently. It gives you tips for unleashing , or unloading your sub conscious mind and then organising your life while being in control. Then of course there are the numerous self help books I have read over the years, and all the good tips taken on board.

So with only 189 words so far i need more dribble to write to make it worth publishing, so I will think of more interesting things such as my experiences with Raspberry pi, and my youtube vignette concerning the pi, together with my interest, be it very informal with Narrow Boats, woodworking and “A” Levels.

Some people have called me a dreamer, and that’s not a bad thing. Cos so long as you have something to dream of you can always remold it, shape it and shift shape it till it becomes something substantial.  -So an idea… never having been involved with A Levels before in any shape or form, we have an AS student in our house. The interesting thing is the “step up” from GCSE to A Levels is quite a big one, and I wonder how many kids struggle with it, and even still how many parents struggle to come to terms with their child’s stress and inner turmoil! So why don’t i do something on that topic. It would involve research, a bit of training perhaps, although with YouTube you can learn as you go,the videos can always be deleted later :). But how do you deal with problems,I guess i just advise about what I would do and see how many people agree. After all so long as its level headed, more than a few will agree. I only have to have more than 50% agree with me to be a popular opinion. So watch this space for more thoughts on dealing with A Level fallout!

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