Raspberry Pi for Kids

What can a Raspberry Pi do then?

I’ve been thinking for a while about obtaining a Raspberry Pi. With 3 children in various key stages at school there are lots of opportunities to see what it can do. And as a failed computerite from the olden days, it would be interesting to see if it can be a redeeming tool for me! Although i think my challenge is boredom, lack of imagination and laziness!! Oh, well!

So what can a Pi offer me, as father: It says the pi should be usable for over 6’s, I have 3 of those! so that’s good, in fact with one in each stage, its positively exciting. But I must remember i know nothing about children and not a lot about electronics. No, wait a minute  i mean the other way around! So a list of ideas are here.  and then your imagination takes over so I have one or three ideas i will share with you over time, but must let the kids have a look at first. I’m sure the You Tube vids will be just great when they start getting involved!

So I guess we will make the box for the Pi, as per the website and then one or two other sorts of easy things, having eBay for voltmeters and rechargeable batteries, it seems mobile/stand alone devices maybe easily achieved!! and if not, then there’s the challenge!

So, where to get one from? I see the waiting list has gone up to 3 weeks again, so if I order now, I will have forgotten by the time it arrives!!

Oh well, carry on planning

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