Raspberry Pi and Python

The silly thing about complex subjects is that  they are really quite simple.  Here I am, at the other end of the age scale from my kids and I have always been scared of computers and how they work. But when I decided to try out the Raspberry Pi and do something for my kids I find that really it is all so simple.

Now I don’t mean easy, necessarily, but if you just think about it and look at it slowly, you find it all fits into place!!

So, to be sure I’m cut out for this I have been looking at Python. No, its not a scary snake or a new Xbox game, its a programming language that has been around for a while.

So to give me a head start, I have “taken” the Learn Python the hard way course. I am very new to all this so in the “Setup” I even did the bit about learning the “Command Prompt” !  But I am working slowly through the course, I’m up to exercise 12 now and it is in VERY nice sized chunks that simply build and add on to what you have all ready learned.

Let’s hope the Pi does that too.

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