Raspberrry Pi for kids?

Ok, so you will see we have in our possession a couple of these wonderful techno toys. We or rather I am no techno geek, in fact I think the term Noob, is what I am officially called (This is a shortened version of Newbie – pronounced Nube as opposed to Nob!). 

I am a parent so certainly not a kid, except at heart!  But with my kids, well the little ones, we have had some interesting fun. Firstly, we had to download and set up the sd card to run the Linux o/s for the pi. We will do a video of this one time soon, because the one thing I find with all things computer-techno, is the authors think everyone who watches a you tube video understands something about computers! An example of this is I know someone, not far away from me now, who tried to install a Linux operating system into a virtual box (Don’t worry about what this is, but in computing terms its pretty simple), and ended up partitioning his hard drive!! So never assume anything, is what I say.

So after downloading and setting up the SD card, which took a couple of goes, we put the system together. Well the 8 year old did!  Then we took it apart and made a video out of it, setting it up  which we will post soon. 

Now, about a week on, the kids can set it up, including attaching it to the TV, we have two cards, so we can run video’s and you tube with one operating system, and the general Internet surfing. I (Dad) am trying to learn Python, as recommended by the Raspberry Pi org. so we can play with the machine and get a better understanding when reading articles online!

So as I said. Raspberry Pi for Kids? or Grown ups?

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