Power to the pedal

Ok, reality check.

Middle aged??

Not particularly fit, last rode a bike last year, but before that many years ago!

Busy family life, full time work and many other demands on my time, makes me cycle time poor! So why should I want to do a sportive!!

I guess I’m still riding on the shirt tails of the cycling Olympic glory. No I wasn’t in the team, but it obviously inspired me to get back on a bike.

So, the bike :-

I found a bike out walking once (I was walking, not the bike!), so after going through the usual procedures I was the “proud” owner of a Halfords Javelin old mountainy bike. Paid £30 for a local charity to do it up, and a new set of tyres and chain and we are up and running.

So check out the sportive scene, its a good way to get into cycling but not in a massively competitive way, so you can ease yourself in gently.

So a quick look at wiggle uk, BikeRadar and a couple of others, we find a plethora of sportive events, but then we realise they’re sold out within minutes of being up on the web! Although we are talking of the very popular ones. In my area the entries take a little longer to fill!

So, I now need to train. I have my rusty steed, and I have a small range of warm clothing, and I would like to find a training scheme, on line. Tthere was one on BikeRadar but it seems to have disappeared, and as I wont pay for anything, I will have to look harder!!  But give me a week, that is : until 12th May, and I will come up with a plan and then start.  As you both shall be my witness, I will keep you informed of my soirees and me increase in fitness and stamina.

So, take care and catch you soon.

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