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Paul n Julia welcome you to our new look, and up and coming blog. We are a family in the West Midlands, and believe we are no different to any other family in the UK. We love having great fun, and finding out about new things and ideas.

We may be a little quirky and we always have a “word of the day”, which we find here. We have many loves and likes and always seem to fall on our feet, except for when we fall on our head, or tummy or back.

Some time ago,  we took to the great outdoors. The primary pursuit over a 3-4 years period was Orienteering. With a 2 yr old in a backpack, it presents its own challenges to the family. – He’s actually 9 now, so that shows how long ago this was.

Orienteeering uk style
Here we go orienteering

More recently we discovered Geocaching. This hobby, can take as much or as little time as you like, but will also fit in with family outings or daily life. Again this is taken secondary priority due to growing family.

With some of the bigger children, entering the world of  scootering, we have increased our range of excitement 🙂

You can read about our newest love the Raspberry Pi. But more on those later. and even more newer love, money!! for kids!! nope, not selling them but a blog about helping little ones get ready to be financially independent when they are adults.

This is just a brief over view of the family and all the excitement we get to have. Perhaps you can follow our blog

So, we will continue to update our goings on, and put videos and stuff on and it would be nice to see you pop back occasionally to see how we are getting on.

Thanks for stopping by,

Paul n Julia

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