Oh, No here comes University

No, no, not for me! But we have a 16 year old in the house, and they are keen to further their education, either that or just not wanting to get a job! So I am shocked when I find out we have to pay tuition fees of loads of dosh, I used to think they were paid by the state! So lets take a look at all these costs and financial requirements..

Well , no lets not. But..
Lets take the view we need to reduce costs of going to University significantly. And.. If we can do this for us, perhaps others will benefit from it too.

My skills, likes and loves come into this. I should look at housing costs, and in particular how can we buy a house in the university city, and rent it out at cost to benefit the students? Or perhaps we can look at saving money with food buying, travel costs or even book buying. I’m sure there are loads of ideas about his online already.

So stay tuned, and we will try and involve you with all the aspects of this venture and we will try to show you everything as it happens, although some things may be held back for commercial reasons. It would be nice to find a “flugelbinder” just from trying to help your kids out.

One of the main problems with this type of problem is level of motivation. I will be calling on all members of the family for support and encouragement to achieve such a challenge in such a short time.

So, first things first, I need to research the market and see what is involved, even though I have grown up kids I wasn’t involved with their University careers.  So things like Moneysavingexpert.com will be visited then some forums like mumsnet ! and Google searches for ” University costs uk” , “paying for university uk :forums“,  ” Grants for higher education“, “help for university fees“, ” university lodgings costs”.  Then there are my favourite sites, Landlordzone.co.uk.

So having spent the weekend or so on programming and voicing over, I should devote some time to the money side of my interests. I see Martin Lewis has started a new series on ITV, which I watched last Friday, I think they are scheduled for January & February 2014 on Fridays at 8pm.

I see on his website Martin Lewis has a few pointers for paying for Uni costs. Like all things the more you plan and the sooner you plan, the longer you have to make the best plans. they don’t always work, but you will always be ready with a couple of other ideas if the first one isn’t right. So, I need to plan, plan plan!

Lets’ get to it….

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