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Ok, so I’m the wrong side of 50! Actually its probably the right side of 50, I can now test myself harder and with more resolve to actually achieving things. Like Computer programming for instance. I have set myself a couple of goals for this now.

  1. Learn Linux command line
  2. Learn Python Program Language
  3. Run a code club for local children

So, first of all I can do these together and the process can be similar. Read a bit, play a bit, see what happens. So lets try it.

You can follow my progress as I go through these pains and chapters each day or so , you can encourage, smile or even laugh out loud at my inability to see simple patterns emerging and simple nesting statements unraveling as I struggle with “if” statements etc.

So my plan, is to study here. I have actually got through to part 30 now, and I am starting to work a little harder on it. By harder I mean trying more changes, breaking the programs, or as they are called now, scripts and thinking of lots of ways to improve or change the examples.

The online course is only fairly basic, it should introduce me to the basic scripting tasks. I do have a Raspberry pi that will allow me to learn a bit more on the mechanical/ electrical connection side. One of my other goals is to purchase an Airpi which will call upon my soldering and programming skills, in as much as I will have to do as I’m told.

Actually doing this blog is helping, I have set this up to automatically post in a day or two’s time, so lets see if I got this right.

So I have quickly checked it for smelling mistakes and a rough look at grammar and syntax, whatever they are!  I think I  will blog a little but often, I can set the date for broadcast and continue to up date the blog before it has been published. Like now, this paragraph is being produced on Friday 3rd, but it won’t be published until the 5th I think it is.

And that is the wonder of science!

I have just gone back over that paragraph (now, on the 3rd) and have found loads of mistakes. I have corrected some, but in true blog spirit I will leave the others, and come back to check it tomorrow when a fresh pair of eyes will pick up errors much quicker. Also I will pad out the bare bones I have laid down today. That is the beauty of the internet, you can always revisit it and change things!! Except… that Google has probably kept a copy of the page somewhere by now!  Actually here’s a new thing, just looking at the bottom of this page, there is a box for Meta tags, one of which seems to actually stop google archiving the page! So perhaps there isn’t any other page like this on t’interent then anyway.

Ok, so I found my Linux tutorial on line again at Surrey Uni I will spend an hour on this over the next couple of days, Then I have to also do a module of the python programming, and I have a voice over on line course to finish as well. At least it keeps me away from the kids!!

Ok catch up with you over the weekend. 🙂

Yes, its Saturday night now, and one thing I am guilty of is lack of self discipline, lack of motivation and over stretching myself. Actually i think they are all related, the lack of self discipline creates the over stretching with then causes the process of selecting something to close down as I cant do 15 jobs at once so that stops the motivation.

So, DEEP breath, select major areas to concentrate on and drop unimportant ones. This is all simple time management techniques. But it does need a few minutes to make decisions on.

  1. Finish voice over Course.
  2. Do one module of Learning python a week
  3. Work through Code Club examples for next two weeks at hourly practice sessions twice a month.

Pend – Learning Linux or the command line, forming the code club or programming in Scratch- for the moment. Although it gets a bit complex and I dont want to alienate the non computer people who read this, but Scratch ties up with all of the above, so would help all areas, as it is specially created for kids, code club use it, and it runs on python.

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