Chapter One

A question. Ok, well let me come back to that.

I have many questions, although the important one I want to ask is the one I was thinking of at that point. I will write it down so that later I wont have forgotten it, although I may forget where I put the paper I write it down on!! Perhaps I could draw diagrams to show me where I left it!

Anyway, this is silly, I need to introduce myself, I am Paul, and as my name would suggest, I’m male, in fact I’m a family man, and have a lovely partner and beautiful kids or should that be the other way round? Kids beautiful and partner lovely I have? Nope, I think it lost its meaning , so lets stet that and go back to the original way. I can’t remember what that was so you had better back track and read it for yourself.

Stet!, there’s an interesting word. A long time ago, it was used every day but now a days you hardly ever hear it, unless of course this is your fifteenth visit to this page in the last week, in which case you are getting bored with it. Ok so, by now, you will realise I have an acquired sense of humour, somewhere between Spike Milligan or if you are the spell checker, Spike Milligram, and being hit by a fast moving lorry!! Ouch! Well, actually I’ll let you decide as you read through all this trollop I write. Its just an excuse to get out of the house, down into the shed, and be alone for a day or two. Wait.. I don’t have a shed, oh well, that explains why I keep getting wet, cold and blown about!!

I write like I talk – holding pen, and typing on keyboard with my mouth is very hard ,and normally end with bruising to my face!! But I must get to the point, of trying to introduce my blog, as one of many out here in the ethernet land. The thing is I am going to do very little SEO’ing to get this up the rankings of Google, I am going to let word of mouth, although we have just established using mouths on keyboards isnt a good idea, so word of keyboard and people finding what I am talking about, to be interesting will be the key. I will have to rework that last sentence cos its pants! as my kids would say.

Now I have forgotten that question , but no matter, I am just trying to introduce myself and set a few ideas out to my prospective readers. I need to concentrate on just 2-3 ideas and have the umph to carry them through. I love kids and enjoy the challenge of problem solving and maths, so computing is an easy option. The trouble with kids, is they don’t do as you say, and with computers, they do do what you say! But one of them is vastly complex, and has many facets and can lead you off down lots of different paths, resulting in you going mad and achieving nothing. Hang on! which one is THAT?

So one of my ideas is to “start” a group off for kids to learn or play computer programming? There is code-club already around doing this, but some of my idea is to make a profit out of it, and code-club is totally free. I appreciate I will have to offer something along the lines of child care if I am going to be responsible for 10 kids for an hour especially on a fee paying basis. I will need a structure and aim for the group and for myself and the organisation.  So that is very much a main idea to chew on.

I then am looking at my desire to start a successful business off with little capital or investment, and make it grow organically. This I feel will need some study or learning for a period of time. But something in the housing market would be good, I have a natural curiosity in house purchase/development.  So there are two categories to look at, and I will shortly, start off down these roads and blog along the way.



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