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If it hasn’t got a home it lives here

Tassimo Coffee machine

Whoopee, Christmas has come and gone. And….. The present this year was a Tassimo Coffee machine of the T20 variety. So entry level machine, but then you have to be careful what you give a coffee snob! With the lovely silver espresso machine taking pride of place in the kitchen, the amateur Barista isn’t going […]

Its raining again

Well another Sunday, another rainday! Mind you its been quite dry for the last 2-3 weeks, so we can’t complain. And on a personal note we’ve just laid some turf on our lawn this weekend, so rain is GOOD! Kids back at school and settling in to the new year/classes/teachers. Same old friends and enemies! […]

Another summer

Here we go then, summer hols over and kids back to school. And guess what, the sun comes out and we get weeks of dry fine weather!  At least the washing will dry then. It is a bit annoying, when the kids had the holidays in relative damp conditions, but it helps me as I am re […]