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A very simple look at the new computer phenomenon

Raspberry Pi Bootcamp Bristol

Well, Bristol Raspberry Pi Boot Camp here we come. The family are off to @Bristol on Saturday 20th, for the Boot Camp, watch this space for what happens. Not having been to one of these, don’t really know what to expect, but the kids have loads of questions lined up!! Will we be herded into […]

Raspberry Pi anyone

Ok, So eventually, I have ordered the Pi. its coming from a company, who is going to make me wait for 3 weeks before delivering it!! But I have a little conundrum! I have not told the wife!! So I cannot post this  just yet, even though I actually ordered it 10 days ago! It will arrive […]

Raspberry Pi for Kids

What can a Raspberry Pi do then? I’ve been thinking for a while about obtaining a Raspberry Pi. With 3 children in various key stages at school there are lots of opportunities to see what it can do. And as a failed computerite from the olden days, it would be interesting to see if it can be a redeeming […]