The new PaulnJulia blog

Well, if this has worked, this message will appear on our geocaching page with very little interaction from humans. Hopefully the rain will stay away to allow us to get out later today to do some hunting and finding. We have cleared down all our caches, with the exception of one, although we do think […]


Just realised why we get poor traffic. Even I fell asleep reading some of these posts. The great thing is that I can delete in a few months and no one will know!! Like they say ” If at first you don’t succeed… Destroy all evidence of trying. Ok, so lets try and brighten this […]

April Showers..

Well it seems to be raining here, we’ve been growing as a team nicely over the last few months. People joining up have been most welcomed. I keep meaning to post, my diary of exciting doings for the team and our business, but wonder if any one is interested in reading it. So I left […]

March ing on

Well the new catalogues are flying out, the orders are pouring in, we’ll have to order some stock in a week, we’ll be able to buy in some nice display cases and a few extra points of sale, like price stars and signage.   Well this is just a quickie, I’ve got to go thru […]