Raspberry Pi Bootcamp Bristol

Well, Bristol Raspberry Pi Boot Camp here we come. The family are off to @Bristol on Saturday 20th, for the Boot Camp, watch this space for what happens. Not having been to one of these, don’t really know what to expect, but the kids have loads of questions lined up!! Will we be herded into […]

The world didnt stand still

OK, rewind to 1984ish. The new computer age is upon us. The new Home PC is emerging out of the wood work. Computers had been around for years, but normally in a back room somewhere, sand  I do mean “a back room” they filled it! Then some few good men, decided to make some money […]

Raspberrry Pi for kids?

Ok, so you will see we have in our possession a couple of these wonderful techno toys. We or rather I am no techno geek, in fact I think the term Noob, is what I am officially called (This is a shortened version of Newbie – pronounced Nube as opposed to Nob!).  I am a […]

Raspberry Pi anyone

Ok, So eventually, I have ordered the Pi. its coming from a company, who is going to make me wait for 3 weeks before delivering it!! But I have a little conundrum! I have not told the wife!! So I cannot post this  just yet, even though I actually ordered it 10 days ago! It will arrive […]

New Year- New Diet

I have a friend, and over the last few months they have finally put it all together and got a dietary regime in place that is actually working! Having spent money and years on other things to lose weight, eventually this one came together and it all fell into place, or should that be all […]