April Showers..

Well it seems to be raining here, we’ve been growing as a team nicely over the last few months. People joining up have been most welcomed.

I keep meaning to post, my diary of exciting doings for the team and our business, but wonder if any one is interested in reading it. So I left April alone, but know just want to keep everyone up to date out there. Our team is growing nicely now, at last, the momentum is starting to pick up. We have 4 in our team now and even Julia can see how things can progress. We’re not out of the mud, by a long shot yet.. but we are crawling faster and more excitedly than we were.

My plans for the next few weeks, before the proper fetes and fairs start in earnest for the summer, is to set up some RSS feeds to the site and put one or two pages of more interesting info onto the site.  I will in the next few months probably re arrange the whole thing, once i get an idea of how I want the site to grow.

Being so aware that the USA is so far a head of us in Network Marketing, I feel it is my destiny to bring the fabulous business model over to the UK and encourage others to set themselves up in business and “Go for it!”.  I thing a big obstacle for us to overcome, is the lack of serious understanding of the business model (and i include myself in this group), but I am planning to learn from here to better understand it. Even in our company we see the top 5-10 on disproportionate amounts of income, but we must understand we can get to that position as well, and whilst they may continue to grow, it is possible, due to how the system works for us to overtake high achievers if we become high achievers also. This being at no ones cost. There is enough for everyone.

Take care, speak soon


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