Adapt Meltwaters RGBLED project to your Raspberry Pi2

so you are the proud new owner of a Raspberry Pi2!

So what can you do with it, lets try out good ole Meltwaters rgbled flashy light thing. But wait, I’ve loaded it into the desktop and run the program, and I get an ERROR!! it worked before what  has happened. Actually simply the library RPi-GPIO is only written for a Raspberry Pi! as it says in the error message. But wait a minute I am on a raspberry pi! So why doesn’t it work?

Who cares, I’m more interested in what I’m going to do to sort it, a quick email to my nice acquaintance I soon get a link to this.  or if you dont want to click it, here is the meat of it :

Well actually you dont need any of it, in the end all I did was put in
sudo apt-get install rpi-gpio

and the rest is history. Although I think they may have sorted this issue out by now and a simple

sudo apt-get update

will see it work, but needless to say the lights are back up and running on the pi2

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