You’re doing really well…

As my “friend” Laura says many times during the training podcasts, “You are doing really well..” which I’m glad to say I really do tend to agree with. I have now completed week two, and have done 3 sessions of 9 minutes of running, broken down into bite size chunks.  The difference with this week is I found myself cheating a little, like starting to run before she said go, and running a little during the walking bit and generally feeling well motivated and ready to run the marathon!  I see this week we are still running 9 minutes although we will be doing some of it in 3 minutes sessions, and then next week it seems to jump up to 15 mins and then the week after we start to get into longer running times.  Although the whole series is only designed to get you to run 30 minutes non stop. I guess you don’t have to do more than 30 minutes of training, it will just get longer running sessions and presumably I will start to run faster as well.

So all’s looking good and during this week I was going to introduce cycle riding on my rest days, so will have to get the bike out. I may also need to search for a different route, I have changed it slightly as I guess I will start to cover more ground as I run more, so we will keep an eye on that.  It also gets you out into your local area looking for new routes and having lived in the same house for 14 years I have found a new footpath, or rather an old foot path but new to me, that is only about half a mile away. So there are many other benefits other than fitness that can be gained from all of this.

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The rest of the family is even thinking of doing the parkrun, so even others can benefit from your commitment 🙂

UPDATE: Week 3 has ended, and I didn’t start the cycling, not sure why, probably lack of motivation, but otherwise everything is going well. I have now carried out one of week 4’s runs which was a step up from week 3, and I will also start the strength and flex podcasts this week too and will end on a cycle ride of 30 mins on Saturday or Sunday too.

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