Week Four over, and week five beckons

So finally all this cross training is coming together. The 30 mins of run/ walk workouts going really well, the strength and flex podcasts coming on board now to help with strength and reducing injury. Together with a cycle ride at weekends to get other groups of muscles to work as well (Although this part hasn’t started just yet).  All this will help the end aim, which in case you have forgotten is to strengthen my ability to take on the 20 year old young adults at orienteering in the West Midlands area of the UK.

OK second run of the week done, it is now downhill all the way then. Only one more to do this week, and I know that the last one is perceived as easier, as you are all buoyed up and raring to go. I must try and fit in a cycle ride for Saturday or Sunday, and then create a schedule for week 5.

Ok just had a peek at week 5, so it steps up a grade again, 3 different sets of running to get through I need 2 days of exercising to build in too.  So Monday, Thursday, Sunday for running, Tuesday Friday for exercising, Saturday 30 mins cycle ride and full rest on Wednesday. EASY!

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Now having watched a few you tube videos of C25K I’m tempted to add my two-penneth so will try and plan that together with another internet project to encourage new people to enter/try out Orienteering, as well as looking after and guiding the family through the hectic summer holidays..

where will i get the time to work?


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