Weak Five

Well, what a week we’ve had.

During last week, which was my fourth week, I have initiated a few new parts to my training regime. I have carried out one strength and flex session and incorporated a cycling session into my weekly training, so now I have only one really totally rest day. My body will need to adjust to it, saddle sores being one of them and aching legs for the first week, but I think that was caused by the lack of rest days and on one occasion I put two runs on consecutive days, albeit at opposite ends of the day. So a few new things to build up on from, even the warm up in the strength and flex program had me aching!! So it will be good to see how my body improves as I do more of it in the coming weeks. The cycle ride will need to increase  next week and that will take 45 mins out of my evening one day. I will need to become smarter to get all this in at regular intervals.

So next week will be an interesting week. I still find the running fun, as I am taking it very slowly, so not getting disheartened, still researching on you tube, and although one woman has said don’t do the 5 k on week nine cos you still wont be able to run it all, I am probably going to be OK with walking 10 mins of it anyway. It will still give me a base measure to move from. So lots of training to look forward to and I am helping out at an orienteering meeting although by the time you read this it will be long gone!! This weekend there is another meeting, but unfortunately I wont be able to make that one, so will have to wait.

Hang on it’s been postponed so I can make it later in the year.

That’s good cos the one thing about Orienteering is if you are consistent and keep turning up, you find you climb the leader board quite quickly. Especially in the colour coded events because people do lots of different ones and don’t necessarily stick to the same colour all year.

Anyway that’s enough digression, this was just an update on week four Nhs Couch to 5

 and to let you know that I feel so long as you are OK, health wise even being over 50 isn’t a barrier to doing it, and to expect to get a good result from it.  But just take it easy and don’t push yourself, once you are running for 30 minutes every run, then you can start to build up speed, but at this stage I feel it is just a case of get out there and complete it successfully without worrying about time.

So off to week five.. where we are now ready to run longer and to do 3 different sets of training rather than repeats of 1 session for the 3 times that week as before.


Good Luck !

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