We are really moving now…

Wow where did that week go. I seem to have only just told you about week 4 and week 5 has finished already.

So an interesting week, I made the “mistake” although it wasnt really a mistake, of looking at youtube videos about this training program for week 5 etc. There seemed to be a lot of people suggest week 5 and 6 was the real difficult ones, so I was a little apprehensive of going into it. But like the woman on the podcast keeps saying .. “you can do this!”  And she’s not wrong!! The big difference with this week is that you do a long

uninterrupted run at the end, so you go from 10 mins X 2 running on run 2,  to 20 minutes on run three.  It was a little different, although probably all in the mind.  The hardest bit was the first 5 minutes although at the time i didnt know it was. I had mentally mapped out my route and timings on the route and although i wasnt too far out with it, when I got the prompts of 5, 10 and 15 minutes they were a little surprising. But after the initial 5 minutes confirmation, I settled in and the 5- 10 minute section was very enjoyable. and by the time 15 minutes came around I only had 25% to go then so no worries!

This week I also visited the 5k parkrun venue where I want to take my first test in 4 weeks time. The organisers were very affable and welcoming. They even suggested I started now, as there were many people who walked and ran the course. I have already planned my initiation of such things. I aim to start last and that way I’m bound to improve!!

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