Way to go

Phew, so again I find time running away from me.

On week 7 having done the 2nd run on couch to 5K  (#c25k) the NHS live well podcast training scheme to get people of all ages back into an active training plan. Although as I have found out c25k is an international scheme and is followed by probably millions of people throughout the world at anyone time. Then there are those who drop out and re capture the desire to continue later , and those who go through it and are inspired  to carry on or even up their game and get involved in further training.

So let’s catch up with some thoughts of my own. I am now running continually, I have got past the part run, part walk stage of training and for the next 2 weeks there will be just 3 continuous runs per week, just like really runners!! Hang on a minute, Laura (the woman on the podcast) says I’m really a runner already!!  So perhaps I should change my mind set and view myself as such.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog,  I went through the program to about week 4 and then started looking at youtube videos about people doing week 5 and 6 and I got the idea that most people saw week 5 as the make or break time. I seemed to sail though, but perhaps that was cos I had been warned. I am finding the psychological side a little harder at the moment, although I have complied with the training all the way, no unexpected stops or repeats of runs or weeks. I don’t really seem to have had injuries. Perhaps I’m not running fast enough? But that’s the thing, you can go at any pace. I did wonder if I should do this whole course again after completing it, but with the aim of running faster, but i’m not so sure now. I think there are better ways to build up speed than repeating this one. I have got to the stage where I wont just be stopping in 3 weeks, I have the goal of doing my first Parkrun on the saturday of week 9, and I have an interest in cycling so I am thinking of another couch to… but on the bike to continue my training after week 9. I also mean to do the strength and flex courses associated with this course, but with family and work finding the time is getting harder. But perhaps a re hash of my life may allow this to happen. But back to life after #c25K,

My aim is to do the cycling course over 9 weeks, and put two runs a week in to the regime as well. I seem to think I will need 2 days of complete rest each week and this will only allow for 3 cycling and 2 running days.

Other thoughts to this regime are that I don’t really seem to have had an injury, yet, lots of little niggles and a couple of stitches, but I set my mind to run through them and I seem to have done just that. Even to taking up Laura’s offer of a fast finish on the runs of week 7, just for that last minute, hasn’t caused too much trouble. Although I do feel like I have run this time. So with my last run coming up tomorrow, which is a saturday I have options of when to go and where to go.  My last run yesterday was actually my first “wet” run. I have been lucky up until then. But I had a bit of rain to contend with for the first 10 mins or so, and was running on wet tarmac (too wet to go on grass), but its like the thought I keep having, until I get to a stage of “failing” I don’t know how I will cope with it. So I need rain and injury and exhaustion to test my resolve to pick myself up and dust me down and get back on the training. Many times in my life I can happily plan for things and prepare myself and the “ground ahead to do things, and sometimes i can get on well for sometime, before disaster falls and I stop or give up whatever it is because it is what I am like! Actually recently, and not connected with this training, I have realised a lot about myself and my frailties and short com

ings, I think that’s what kids do to you. as you see yourself in your children, not little kids bullying me or poking fun 🙂

So all in all an interesting stage of my life and personal development, yes even people my age can still learn things, in fact I guess many older people will say, “Wait until you get to my age, then you’ll understand!”, so I guess in reality you never stop learning. Some of these things would have been good to know a while back, but would I have had the maturity to learn from and adjust myself to make things better at a younger age. Have I got the ability now!

Time will tell….

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