Time Flies!!

Well here we are end of week 8 #c25k,

This one seemed to be the hardest for me, but mainly from a mental point of view. I seem to have little niggles in my body such as aching legs in various places and dodgy knee and although these as such don’t prevent the running they have tested my motivation and discipline  towards this scheme.  But I am still on track having missed no running session and the home straight is literally in sight now. I really only have 2 more training sessions and they are only 2 minutes longer that my current weeks tasks so all should be fine.

There are only 2 more sessions because, if you remember back here  this was all going to culminate in a parkrun 5k on the saturday of week 9. That is still very much on the cards, so hopefully next week will be easier as it’s not much more of a step from here and the motivation of doing the run at the end of the week will keep me going.  I  have planned a celebratory meal after the run, and this involves the family so should be a good to encourage me not to give up.

Looking back at this, being on the eve of success I look at this being the first real planned and executed scheme that I will have followed through and successfully completed. I’m

sure there are others but can’t really think of them currently.  Needless to say this is going to be a very significant milestone in my future life, and is getting me excited at the future and possibilities I am considering. One blip is still my organisational skills at bringing on board the strength and flex training that doesn’t get done and the cross training  on cycling that still hasn’t come on board.  But from week 10 I’m planning to take up cycling as the main training process and demote the running to twice a week to keep my hand in, although I hope to do more parkruns as well.

I have to think about putting my training together into a video for others to watch and try and inspire one or three of you to get out there and start running, or even take up that great sport of Orienteering, for which all this has come about.  So quite a bit to do and think about, plus work, family and life!!

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