We are really moving now…

Wow where did that week go. I seem to have only just told you about week 4 and week 5 has finished already.

So an interesting week, I made the “mistake” although it wasnt really a mistake, of looking at youtube videos about this training program for week 5 etc. There seemed to be a lot of people suggest week 5 and 6 was the real difficult ones, so I was a little apprehensive of going into it. But like the woman on the podcast keeps saying .. “you can do this!”  And she’s not wrong!! The big difference with this week is that you do a long uninterrupted run at the end, so you go from 10 mins X 2 running on run 2,  to 20 minutes on run three.  It was a little different, although probably all in the mind.  The hardest bit was the first 5 minutes although at the time i didnt know it was. I had mentally mapped out my route and timings on the route and although i wasnt too far out with it, when I got the prompts of 5, 10 and 15 minutes they were a little surprising. But after the initial 5 minutes confirmation, I settled in and the 5- 10 minute section was very enjoyable. and by the time 15 minutes came around I only had 25% to go then so no worries!

This week I also visited the 5k parkrun venue where I want to take my first test in 4 weeks time. The organisers were very affable and welcoming. They even suggested I started now, as there were many people who walked and ran the course. I have already planned my initiation of such things. I aim to start last and that way I’m bound to improve!!

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Week Four over, and week five beckons

So finally all this cross training is coming together. The 30 mins of run/ walk workouts going really well, the strength and flex podcasts coming on board now to help with strength and reducing injury. Together with a cycle ride at weekends to get other groups of muscles to work as well (Although this part hasn’t started just yet).  All this will help the end aim, which in case you have forgotten is to strengthen my ability to take on the 20 year old young adults at orienteering in the West Midlands area of the UK.

OK second run of the week done, it is now downhill all the way then. Only one more to do this week, and I know that the last one is perceived as easier, as you are all buoyed up and raring to go. I must try and fit in a cycle ride for Saturday or Sunday, and then create a schedule for week 5.

Ok just had a peek at week 5, so it steps up a grade again, 3 different sets of running to get through I need 2 days of exercising to build in too.  So Monday, Thursday, Sunday for running, Tuesday Friday for exercising, Saturday 30 mins cycle ride and full rest on Wednesday. EASY!

Now having watched a few you tube videos of C25K I’m tempted to add my two-penneth so will try and plan that together with another internet project to encourage new people to enter/try out Orienteering, as well as looking after and guiding the family through the hectic summer holidays..

where will i get the time to work?


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Weak Five

Well, what a week we’ve had.

During last week, which was my fourth week, I have initiated a few new parts to my training regime. I have carried out one strength and flex session and incorporated a cycling session into my weekly training, so now I have only one really totally rest day. My body will need to adjust to it, saddle sores being one of them and aching legs for the first week, but I think that was caused by the lack of rest days and on one occasion I put two runs on consecutive days, albeit at opposite ends of the day. So a few new things to build up on from, even the warm up in the strength and flex program had me aching!! So it will be good to see how my body improves as I do more of it in the coming weeks. The cycle ride will need to increase  next week and that will take 45 mins out of my evening one day. I will need to become smarter to get all this in at regular intervals.

So next week will be an interesting week. I still find the running fun, as I am taking it very slowly, so not getting disheartened, still researching on you tube, and although one woman has said don’t do the 5 k on week nine cos you still wont be able to run it all, I am probably going to be OK with walking 10 mins of it anyway. It will still give me a base measure to move from. So lots of training to look forward to and I am helping out at an orienteering meeting although by the time you read this it will be long gone!! This weekend there is another meeting, but unfortunately I wont be able to make that one, so will have to wait.

Hang on it’s been postponed so I can make it later in the year.

That’s good cos the one thing about Orienteering is if you are consistent and keep turning up, you find you climb the leader board quite quickly. Especially in the colour coded events because people do lots of different ones and don’t necessarily stick to the same colour all year.

Anyway that’s enough digression, this was just an update on week four Nhs Couch to 5k  and to let you know that I feel so long as you are OK, health wise even being over 50 isn’t a barrier to doing it, and to expect to get a good result from it.  But just take it easy and don’t push yourself, once you are running for 30 minutes every run, then you can start to build up speed, but at this stage I feel it is just a case of get out there and complete it successfully without worrying about time.

So off to week five.. where we are now ready to run longer and to do 3 different sets of training rather than repeats of 1 session for the 3 times that week as before.


Good Luck !

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You’re doing really well…

As my “friend” Laura says many times during the training podcasts, “You are doing really well..” which I’m glad to say I really do tend to agree with. I have now completed week two, and have done 3 sessions of 9 minutes of running, broken down into bite size chunks.  The difference with this week is I found myself cheating a little, like starting to run before she said go, and running a little during the walking bit and generally feeling well motivated and ready to run the marathon!  I see this week we are still running 9 minutes although we will be doing some of it in 3 minutes sessions, and then next week it seems to jump up to 15 mins and then the week after we start to get into longer running times.  Although the whole series is only designed to get you to run 30 minutes non stop. I guess you don’t have to do more than 30 minutes of training, it will just get longer running sessions and presumably I will start to run faster as well.

So all’s looking good and during this week I was going to introduce cycle riding on my rest days, so will have to get the bike out. I may also need to search for a different route, I have changed it slightly as I guess I will start to cover more ground as I run more, so we will keep an eye on that.  It also gets you out into your local area looking for new routes and having lived in the same house for 14 years I have found a new footpath, or rather an old foot path but new to me, that is only about half a mile away. So there are many other benefits other than fitness that can be gained from all of this.

The rest of the family is even thinking of doing the parkrun, so even others can benefit from your commitment 🙂

UPDATE: Week 3 has ended, and I didn’t start the cycling, not sure why, probably lack of motivation, but otherwise everything is going well. I have now carried out one of week 4’s runs which was a step up from week 3, and I will also start the strength and flex podcasts this week too and will end on a cycle ride of 30 mins on Saturday or Sunday too.

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End of the week

Well, one week in, and things are going well.

I can’t tell you enough that the trick is to run really slowly, the woman on the pod cast will say, slow jog, and that’s what it should be. I think the idea is to develop slowly and then push yourself when you are fully fired up and ready for harder training sessions. Don’t forget this is designed for people who have spent the last 10 years or so on a couch!!

To make you feel better – I have had a small “injury” although I only see it as a niggly pain. My right shin hurt a bit on Wednesday’s run, not sure if i knocked it in the day or something, but trained through it and hopefully it will go away soon! In fact I found lots of niggly pains and bits hurting each time.  It was a different part of me, on each run; but by ignoring it and carrying on, I soon told my body who was boss!

So a run repeated three times, and only 60 seconds of running at anyone time was an easy way to ease into this regime.  Like all motivational videos and podcasts will tell you, you have to keep yourself fired up to do it,  and you have to keep yourself doing it while you are out there as well. I found this easy exercise helped to keep me going, and it will be interesting at week 5 or so when the training will be harder to see how I feel then.

This time as I have a SMART goal, firmly in place, I will expect to get thru to the end. That, being  to run 5k (Specific) (Measurable) by the end (Achievable) (Realistic) of week 9 (Time related)

So many times before in my cosseted life I found there was no really benefit to finishing training schemes.  My life wouldn’t change nor would it be worse for not finishing so the motivation would ebb away.

This time I have a “big” motivator which is not connected to the training, but is something I will see the benefit of and perhaps feel a sense of loss,  if I don’t achieve it; – That is to be fitter at running orienteering events in the future.  My thoughts on this later.

But in the mean time feel free to follow me on social media, and various other places and perhaps follow me in spirit and get out there yourself on the  #c25K

Bye for now

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