Raspberry Pi anyone

Ok, So eventually, I have ordered the Pi. its coming from a company, who is going to make me wait for 3 weeks before delivering it!! But I have a little conundrum! I have not told the wife!! So I cannot post this  just yet, even though I actually ordered it 10 days ago! It will arrive soon and then I can be above board and all sweetness and light again!!  In the mean time I’m looking at what I can do with it, with the kids.

Actually I had a cunning plan, I will post this the day it arrives!! Phew.

So in the mean time I’m swotting up, I’m going thru all the back issue of Mag Pi then i have found a reasonably sensible programming tutorial. so I’m following it letter by letter, so still in the Command Prompt stage, but will soon be looking at Python 2 !

But to help the kids and break up the boredom I can do things with Scratch and make silly games.

So loads going on and catch up with you soon.

Ok so finally the Raspberry Pies have arrived, i ended up ordering a second from elsewhere cos the original order was delayed and i got no replies of any use for the vendor. if you look up on rapsberrypi.org you will find loads of complaints about them. Anyway the other lot got me a pi within 48 hours.

So tomorrow!! we will set it up.



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