New Year- New Diet

I have a friend, and over the last few months they have finally put it all together and got a dietary regime in place that is actually working!

Having spent money and years on other things to lose weight, eventually this one came together and it all fell into place, or should that be all fell off! Admittedly they said the reason for their success was their mind was in the right place this time, but it still takes loads of effort and will power to achieve.

 I think its a little disconcerting that you see all or rather a couple of celebs promoting diet plans on prime time TV, where they lose relatively small amounts of weight. Don’t get me wrong, they lose what the set out to achieve, but when you compare them with most slimmers, they do have it relatively easy! I am now wondering if it is possible to implement an “easy” plan to help loads of people, control intake and therefore reduce their weight in a controlled fashion.

Oh well that’s something for next weekend, when we are snowed in again! But I have to sort the kids out now, get them to tidy up their room and do the washing up!!

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