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Having made a few lots of yogurt now, I just wanted to reflect on my experiences. The first few times I tried I made the mistake of reading a recipe and doing what it said! The problem we had, especially in England and especially in our unheated house, is that we cant keep the culture at a high enough temperature to allow it to do its thing.

So after a few goes of ending up with sloppy milk I put it on hold.

Then one day, my partner came home with one of these:-

silverstone 038





Whoops, no sorry I mean one of these:-


and bang ! the dirt has gone,

Sorry wrong advert!

So anyway, a very quick look around the internet, and .. found this link


so I tweaked the recipe I used 1 litre of semi skimmed milk, a medium sized saucepan, fortunately I had a meat thermometer around.  I put the milk on and timed it to 10 minutes to check the temperature. It only needed about another 5-7 minutes to get up to 90c – that’s new money, I let it creep over a degree or two. I found I had to stir it continuously to get an accurate reading from the thermometer.  Then, being in England and with it being night time and in winter, I took the covered saucepan out and put it in the garden. Again giving myself an alarm call in 10 minutes I found the liquid had coTotal yoghurtolled to the required 43c.

I used Total 0% fat yogurt, and put two desert spoons into the cooled milk. Using a whisk I roughly whisked it. It wasn’t my finest hour. Then pouring the liquid into the “yogurt” jar, I put water into the yogurt maker and ensured it was around 40-45c before putting the yogurt jar into the flask and securing the lid. This was then left alone in one place overnight for about 8-10 hours.

After which I had one of these:

DSCF0029 And even better, it changed to :

DSCF0026 DSCF0048
This has added fruit in with it This has fruit added in with it
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