Epic Fail – Beyond 5k

Ok, so a couple of weeks on from last report. There is only so much you can say about running or training and very much of it is monotonous.  But I have settled into 3 30 minute run a week for the last 3 weeks, I think i am now on week 14.  So I guess we get to the stage of dropping the weeks and just say I went for another run, or another grueling week of 5K training.

But lets recap on whats been achieved.

I have gone from doing no running for years and years, to running non stop for 3o minutes three times a week.  I have completed a 9 week training course, in time and on course. I successfully ran my first 5k parkrun, and since have done one more properly, and tailran, well tail walked the other one. I also completed an orienteering course in my best time of the year, a direct result of the training as I ran for most of it. And I have progressed on from the end of the course and continued running regularly since.

So all in a very successful achievement and probably one of my achievement I should be proud of. So lets concentrate on the  positive. I AM doing very well!  I was very pleased I completed the whole 9 weeks without having a fail and i was very lucky not to have poor weather, although it is the spring/summer over here at the moment.  But then you need a little blip to make yourself stronger.

So last saturday, I had one. On taking part in the parkrun (which is two circuits of Hereford Racecourse, I FAILED b

y stopping at the halfway stage!  It was a very warm morning, and it was like running towards a fire, but I think my reason for stopping was certainly psychological and not physical. like my fried Laura( on the NHS podcast says) the main problem with this sort of thing is your own mindset. And as I have mentioned before I am still really looking for the driving force to keep me going on. So anyway, in a way I’m glad I failed, I’ve done it once now so I just have to pick myself up and get back on the horse! I will just make sure on Monday I will be back out there and complete the training as required.

With the training having moved on now, I am carrying out the further NHS podcasts – stepping stores, speed and stamina. Currently last week I did the stepping stones podcasts. THis involved running at 3 different speeds  although i couldn’t tell the difference

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