End of the week

Well, one week in, and things are going well.

I can’t tell you enough that the trick is to run really slowly, the woman on the pod cast will say, slow jog, and that’s what it should be. I think the idea is to develop slowly and then push yourself when you are fully fired up and ready for harder training sessions. Don’t forget this is designed for people who have spent the last 10 years or so on a couch!!

To make you feel better – I have had a small “injury” although I only see it as a niggly pain. My right shin hurt a bit on Wednesday’s run, not sure if i knocked it in the day or something, but trained through it and hopefully it will go away soon! In fact I found lots of niggly pains and bits hurting each time.  It was a different part of me, on each run; but by ignoring it and carrying on, I soon told my body who was boss!

So a run repeated three times, and only 60 seconds of running at anyone time was an easy way to ease into this regime.  Like all motivational videos and podcasts will tell you, you have to keep yourself fired up to do it,  and you have to keep yourself doing it while you are out there as well. I found this easy exercise helped to keep me going, and it will be interesting at week 5 or so when the training will be harder to see how I feel then.

This time as I have a SMART goal, firmly in place, I will expect to get thru to the end. That, being  to run 5k (Specific) (Measurable) by the end (Achievable) (Realistic) of week 9 (Time related)

So many times before in my cosseted life I found there was no really benefit to finishing training schemes.  My life wouldn’t change nor would it be worse for not finishing so the motiv

ation would ebb away.

This time I have a “big” motivator which is not connected to the training, but is something I will see the benefit of and perhaps feel a sense of loss,  if I don’t achieve it; – That is to be fitter at running orienteering events in the future.  My thoughts on this later.

But in the mean time feel free to follow me on social media, and various other places and perhaps follow me in spirit and get out there yourself on the  #c25K

Bye for now

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