Black Friday, The day after

I work in retail,
I’ve always worked in retail for the last 20 years or so. I always smile when I think about Black Friday. Yesterday was the 23rd November 2018.  Been to work and see how everyone acts differently, we normally report sales daily for the rest of the year, but on This Friday we are reporting every hour! Watching TV adverts and news items showing how we are all acting differently on this one day!
But look at the lead up to Black Friday, Martin Lewis, he of Money Saving Expert over here in the UK, his attitude is use the system and facilities the money industry offer but make sure you get the best advantage. Whilst, another followee of mine is Dave Ramsey of the US, is of the mindset, you don’t spend any money you don’t need to spend. Its your decision as to how much you cut your spending back, but if you want to get comfortable and even wealthy, you have to put effort into it.     There is a lot of psychology involved in getting yourself out of debt quickly or even just leveling up your lifestyle to fit in your income. Part of the idea, I believe, is that if you cut back hard for 2 years and achieve a level of savings that you are happy with, in that time you have probably learnt new spending habits that will ensure you don’t revert back to your old ones at the end of a year or two of heavy saving. From there on in, you will start building wealth going forward. In the UK the majority of us feel “entitled” to having £20,000 debt on unsecured credit, we’ve gone through life for 20 years and now its our turn to spend and be happy.  It’s part of the British lifestyle and we probably don’t see other sorts of financial life that can be enjoyed in its place.

When you get to my age, or our age, if you are of the same age as I am, you have to say, have we been wrong, should we change our ways, how will the next 30 years be if we do follow some other way of financial control.

So my thoughts on this day, Black Friday are simply, don’t give into the hype, or even better don’t get exposed to the adverts. I keep meaning to sit down during the week and see all the prices offered then check them against Fridays “savings”. Even looking a couple of months out either before and after to see how pricing changed for that one DAY! I become more convinced that the bulk of price offers are engineered, with price reduction in a far away store, for one week in February to allow the £299 SAVINGS to be splashed all over the TV and social media 8 months later.

To be fair if the more mature members of our society are stupid enough to take up these “offers” then they probably deserve to be in the pickle they are in today.

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