Beyond 5k

So a couple of weeks have gone by since I completed c25k and now the work really starts.

One issue I seem to have is motivation. Before I had the goal of running the Parkrun but having achieved that now I’m struggling to convince myself I still need to run or I still can benefit from running.  I’m sure everyone of you out there has gone through this and got over it, but I think this may be my biggest pscolgical barrier for me to contend with. Drawing on my experiences this is the time I  decide there is no benefit to continuing and i give up, but perhaps now is my hour and i will get through this and conquer new heights.

I have run 2 park-runs so far ( this post maybe delayed before its published, so it could be more  by now), and they will appear on my strava account and I must say the second one was a little different from the first. As I have continually told you over the 9 week training period i took it very slowly and i was interested in seeing that my speed during the first parkrun was exactly the same rate as my training speed.  Since finishing the 9 weeks course I have trialed some “intervals” during my normal 30 minute run. Still using the week 9 podcast, I would use the 5 minute markers (when Laura says you’ve done 5 mins/10mins/15mins etc) to do a “sprint” of 20 paces, then settling back to my normal speed. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. So during my park-run on 9th July I plodded on round as normal until i met a group of slower runners! and I had to up my speed significantly to get past the group. After this my pace obviously suffered a bit, but i eventually got back to my usual pace. Some of the runners caught and overtook me and I still got lapped as I completed the first lap. Then towards the end i got caught by one person who literally overto

ok me and then couldn’t maintain the pace. I decided at that time i wasnt going to be over taken again as I approached the finish, and stepped up my pace again, this time knowing i would be able to recover at resting rather than running pace. I actually beat my time by over 2 minutes so all in all a good strategy. And although i felt shattered it only lasted for a couple of minutes. The other big difference I noticed was later in the day and the day after my legs didn’t seem to ache the little niggles they normally did and my muscles seemed to ache more in unison.  So a good overall result I thought.

We will get to see how good it is because next week I have a proper orienteering event to go to, so will use the tracker and hopefully be able to run all of it, and should get a decent time. Perhaps this will re ignite my motivation to keep on with it while i locate another solid reason for carrying on.

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