And… we’re off..

Well here we go, or rather went. I’ve completed the first run, and although I have run many times before, I found this time it was more enjoyable and overall felt better as I followed certain new rules. In the past I have tended to go off at full throttle and this time I consciously slowed myself down; I wasnt too worried about my speed or time; I was going to just see how I got on.  As I plodded along slowly ish the pain and work rate was comfortable, as described in the podcast.  Afterwards I thought the time wasnt bad for a start of 9 min per km and a suggested time for 5k of 45 mins. So I only have to improve by 50% and I’m there!!  So with 9 weeks of proper training I would expect this speed to increase, as I will be running with the podcast, all my times will be 32 mins of running, but hopefully my distance will increase.

As I am only just getting to grips with mapmyruns,  I hope to sort out the recording of routes and workouts as I go.  I have also downloaded an app onto the phone Geotracker, and this will enable me to record routes and workouts with speed built in.  I will just need a week or two to familiarise myself with all this new technology, and then be able to publish and understand the data. Ultimately it will be the time of my first 5k run that will be the testament to the training, and don’t forget the whole reason behind this is to achieve a better orienteering time, and the ability to run the full course.

So stay with me and catch me at the end of the week.

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