All things come to those who wait

And here we are, half way through our final week of training for #c25K the couch to 5k training program that is world renowned. Even the  BBC  have jumped on the wagon, with their make your move scheme where they have their very own version of couch to 5K  you can pick your favourite running buddy instead of Laura ! 🙁

But anyway back to the challenge, I have found this week to be much more easy and enjoyable, whether this is because I am running so slowly or whether its my body adapting to the new regime I’m not sure. But physiologically I’m on a high, with the sight in end ( even perhaps the other way around)  and the weather looking good for the park run at the end of the week, things cant get any better can they?  I’m using the camera more too, so no doubt we will have a video or three up on youtube by now. So you may want to see them here.

Well 2nd run over and now its just the big one left on Saturday. Everything is feeling good, still have one or two little niggles but

I guess that’s going to be par for the course for a while.

So good luck with all your training and lets see how we get on. The other thing I have to give consideration to is, what next? I plan to carry on running the 3 x 30mins per week, I also need to get the cycling going, as that hasn’t materailised at all yet nor has the strength and flex. So I have to sort that out soon. An interesting fact with all of this, out of the 24 runs I’ve done only a couple have been mildly damp and I havent had a “wet” run yet at all, so these will all be new experiences over the coming weeks.

I think I will look to increase my run lengths as the idea is to become better at orienteering and those events are going to increase to 7 -10 K for me, currently I seem to run about 5k on them, so I can see an increase of nearly 100% as I tackle longer courses. One of my concerns is I don’t become a running/training geek! So should I look at my diet!!  Hell, No! well not yet anyway. I will look at fueling for training and races etc, such as drinks and high energy food but I still need to be a normal runner and not go too over the top yet.

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